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Properties of Gemstones

Here's our ongoing list of the reputed uses of some of our favorite stones. These are the most popular historical and metaphysical representations, and just a small sampling of the many ways minerals have been used by mankind since the beginning of time. Trust your intuition and decide what resonates with you. Most importantly...Have fun! This information is offered as a service and entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk.

Amethyst - One of the most popular healing, spiritual and jewelry stones. If not for its widespread global deposits, the unmistakable intensity of color (caused by the presence of iron) in this stone would make its prices soar.

The legend associated with this gem goes that the Greek wine and revelry god Dionsysius had been humiliated by an insult by a mortal man, and he vowed vengeance on the next mortal to cross his path, creating fierce tigers (leopards in some versions) to afflict the punishment. Unfortunately, the mortal happened to be a beautiful young maiden named Amethyst, on her way to the shrine of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt. When Amethyst cried out in fear of an impending violent death, Artemis intervened and quickly turned her into a pillar of pure quartz. Dionsysius, upon viewing the result of his rash anger in the lovely statue, wept tears of wine upon it, staining the quartz purple for all time.

Amethyst is present in the British crown jewels, was a favorite of Catherine the Great, and Egyptian nobility. Bishops of the Catholic church still keep the tradition of wearing amethyst rings today as a symbol of purity.

History of being worn as a protective stone against fear, self deception and witchcraft. Said to bring contentment and spiritual awakening, a good meditation gem. Calming, soothing qualities make it a good choice for display in bedrooms, although some become energetic around this stone. Facilitates use of common sense and good decision making. Has been used for arthritis, headaches, and insomnia.

Apatite - A lovely stone that exhibits a wide color range from pinks, browns, greens, to the most often used neon blue green. This is the mineral that is present in the teeth and bones of all vertebrates, sharing the same hardness scale as human teeth. The name apatite means "to deceive", an appropriate term considering it is often confused with precious gems such as tourmalines and beryl. Believed to decrease the pangs of hunger for those dieting and improve vision. On an emotional level, it is thought to help with staying in focus of goals, acceptance, clarity, and unconditional love. Apatite scratches easily and cannot tolerate heat or chemicals.

Aquamarine - A form of beryl whose name originates from the Latin name for sea water. Aquamarine was carried as a charm to protect sailors from death at sea, but was also considered a favorite stone of mermaids. Hmmm...perhaps the stone was a ransom to the maidens of the ocean? It was also thought to preserve mutual love, marriages, and honest business dealings. This birthstone of March has the reputation of helping one release anger and replace it with mental peace and clarity. Often used as a stone for meditation, courage, intellect, and associated loosely with the throat chakra. Has been used to reduce dependency on drugs, as a remedy for swollen glands, vision, bones and teeth.

Aventurine - A form of quartz with inclusions of fuscite mica, which causes the unique spangled appearance. Aventurine is most often found in shades of green, but blues and red are finding their way to the market. Lower quality specimens are often sold as landscaping stone. A good choice for those seeking emotional grounding, self confidence, and the ability to relate to others. History of being worn with the intention of help with critical decision making, decreasing anxiety, or diffusing a sense of overwhelm. Reputed as a sleep aid, and bringer of dreams in which answers to important questions will be divulged. Associated with the heart chakra, and for balancing male/female energies in other chakras. Used to strengthen the heart, lungs, adrenal system, and to improve headaches. In India and other areas of the Far East, aventurine is carried in the left pocket to draw money luck to its owner.

Biwa and Coin Pearl - Are actually cut from the shell of pearl bearing oysters and mussels. coming from the shell, they share the same properties as Mother of Pearl, whose strong spiritually inspiring energy is reputed to calm and lessen fears for those whose lives are stressful and intense. good stone for women.

Carnelian - A form of Chalcedony that was highly esteemed by the Egyptians, who believed it ensured the soul's passage to the next world. A protective stone used for centuries to combat fear, fear of death and rebirth, shyness, lack of confidence, envy, anger, and telepathic invasion. Reputed to soothe and calm, draw creativity, heal lethargy, and deepen spirituality. Carnelian's legend states that it will grant wishes to its owner if the stone is worn over the heart! Associated with the 2nd or sacral chakra, and the corresponding physical areas of the lower abdomen. Historical physical use to treat allergies, cold, flu, skin disorders, and asthma.

Citrine - A form of quartz with a beautiful yellow to orange hue. Citrine is regarded as one the few gemstones that need little energetic cleansing, with the ability to clear other gemstones, and even the human auric field. Many sensitive to energies report actual brief buzzing sensations from citrine. Historically used to attain self discipline, wealth, clarity, introspection, and fearlessness. Often called the "merchant's stone" for its reputation of drawing and preserving wealth...often kept in cash registers and businesses throughout the world. Citrine is associated with the 3rd, or solar plexus chakra, and the physical areas of the upper abdomen. Its has been used to clear the body of physical and energetic toxins, allergies, eating disorders, and to increase poor circulation.

Copper - Aside from its reputation for lessening the discomfort of arthritis, copper, a natural transmitter of energy, has long been considered a mineral that promotes mental agility and physical energy. It is also reputed to have the ability to conduct energies from higher planes (such as Angels) and to transmit thoughts, even over long distances.

Coral - Coral has long been reputed to bring peace of mind to its wearer, also thought to spark imagination and spiritual guidance. Coral is an organic stone, the skeleton of tiny sea creatures, so commands a great deal of gratitude. Coral reconnects us with nature and the wonders of the ocean. Historically thought to attract love and prosperity, especially red coral, which is a stone of passion. Creativity and optimism are also qualities that coral brings out. Reputed to bring inner peace, strength, and understanding of purpose. Physically coral has been used for general healing, blood and circulatory system issues, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone and bone marrow, eye problems, and the respiratory system. Red coral is said to inspire passion and draw romantic love. Rosary beads are traditionally fashioned of coral.

Larimar - Larimar is also known as Atlantis Stone and Dolphin Stone, and is the gem predicted to be rediscovered in this century by the late Edgar Cayce to coincide with the "rising" of Atlantis. It is a form of the mineral pectolite that is believed to have been affected by volcanic ash thousands of years ago. Larimar is found only on the island of Hispanola in the Dominican Republic, where it is becoming scarce. It is considered a stone that brings calm, nurturing and serenity to its wearer. It is also reputed to draw customers to businesses and salespeople. Larimar is one of the stones believed to have the ability to heal the Earth.

Morganite - Also called Pink Aquamarine, Morganite is a pink variety of the gem Beryl that gets its name from being fancied by J.P. Morgan. Its is considered to be an angel and heart stone that balances emotions and eases the pain of separation from a loved one. Said to draw compassion, empathy, self control and patience to its wearer. Considered to have one of the highest frequencies of the gemstones. Morganite has been used in folk remedies with heart disease, breathing and throat problems.

Rhodocrosite - Rhodocrosite is a lovely gel pink gem that is often called the stone of compassion in action, and is thought to balance and enhance love on all levels. It is also believed to bring out one's inner child, and draw (or keep) your true soulmate. Rhodocrosite is reputed to calm excessive passions and balance the mental and emotional processes. Its has been used historically to improve digestive, heart and thyroid problems, and to decrease one's pulse rate.

Phrenite - Phrenite is a stone reputed to bring Divine inspiration to its wearer and strengthens one's inner knowing and prophecy.

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