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The Care of Larimar

Since Larimar is such a rare stone that is rapidly appreciating in value, it makes sense to care for it properly.

As with any gemstone, always wear with care and avoid dropping or banging it, as tiny fault lines could possibly break it, even though portions of a Larimar stone are very hard.

Always be sure to store Larimar out of direct light. It can and will fade, even in incandescent lighting. Keep it in a jewelry box when you're not wearing it. Make your Larimar feel extra special by storing it in a velvet or silk pouch. Try to store your Larimar in a cool environment, as excess heat can adversely affect the stone's etheric coloring as well.

Larimar loves water; perhaps since its history has it sitting underwater in Dominican mines months of the year. If your Larimar piece is not glued, you can refresh it by soaking it briefly (just a few minutes or so) to bring up the color. If you have a piece that has been around for awhile, you'll really notice the color change. Make sure the water temperature is mild, no extremes.

You can buff the jewelry with a sunshine jeweler's cloth for a nice shine.


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