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Peace of One with Kim Gough
Click into Peace of One to discover the healing expertise of Kim Gough through Abundance Reiki, Tachyon Energy, distance healing chi balls, remote healing for humans as well as remote healings for pets, plants and small gardens!  You'll also discover attunements and classes such as Abundantia, Diana Archetype, Abundance, and Gold Reiki as well as mandalas, products, and articles about Fairies, pendulums, crystals, the chakras, forgiveness and gemstones

Soul Kisses with Kate Large
Spiritual affirmations, angel photos, readings, orbs in photos, angels in clouds, spiritual journey support and physical world tools are included in the Soul Kisses website.  Spiritual growth tools are in the form of e-courses for abundance, the law of attraction and a workbook based on Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life.  Experience connecting with deceased loved ones as well as Communicating with Orbs and Communicating Through Dementia with our guided CDs or MP3 downloads.

Angelic Wise Ones with Adele Linsalata 
Yes, you've come to the right place.  Spirit has guided you to Angelic Wise Ones with Adele Linsalata Guided Meditation CD's with guests that include The Blessed Mother, your Master Teacher and Guardian Angel may be experienced here along with Adele's book, The Visionary Messenger. Adele is a visionary and teacher of the spiritual realms, who offers her blessed gifts through readings with spirit and of spirit cards, spiritual counseling, and channeling.

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