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Intuitive Readings

Susan Norgren Spirit's Messenger
As a deep trance channel, Susan Norgren communicates with illuminated light beings to share messages of personal guidancespiritual guidance and cutting edge business solutions. Guidance for living intuitively may be received with a psychic reading or after death communication.

Angels Surround Us with Hetty Ina Olwin
Hetty is an experienced
ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER as well as a gifted medium.  Receive the healing tool of angel guidance when you receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones.  Learn how Hetty discerned her spiritual life path while communicating with her mother while in the depths of dementia.  While visiting Angels Surround Us, be sure to experience the essence of the California Redwood!

Angelic Dimensions with Cynthia Hodges
Cynthia Hodges of Angelic Dimensions aids others in communicating with the angelic realm and loved ones with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP through Angel Readings, Angel Party for adults and Wizard Parties for children.

Healing Touch of Spirit with Mandy
Mandy shares her connection with Spirit through angel readings, and Reiki healing services at Healing Touch of Spirit.

Carole Matthews Intuitive
Carole Matthews is an intuitive Medium and radio host for The MessengerFiles as well as Hear and Beyond.  Carole's spiritual wisdom helps us to balance the physical world chaos with humor, patience and love.  She offers readings, information about her life and shares letters from listeners as well as events.

Jane's Circle of One with Jane Neice
Jane is a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Intuitive Counselor whose insightful writings about A Visit the the Universe, Power Animal Journey, Centered-ness and The Spiritual Journey are blessed tools for all of us.

Communicating with the Angels with Kate Large
Connect with the Holy Spirit when you click into Communicating with the Angels. Experience the message from the Angelic Realm of the photograph taken on Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Forest and an Angel Reading with Kate.

From the Angels With Love with Kim Loftis
Kim Loftis offers Angelic Empowerment sessions, Spiritual Counseling, energy healing, Diamond of Prosperity Attunement, intuitive readings and channeling.  Details are provided as well as client experiences.  Click into From the Angels with Love to get Guided Meditations tools to aid in your spiritual journey today!

We Are The Women with Melissa Sherman
We are the Women with Melissa Sherman offers support for women through Life Path Counseling, F.A.C.E., the Manifestation Manual, the Guided Visualization and Meditation, Seven Breaths and Healing Nutrition and Care of the Body - HeartWings Pillows Melissa also shares the enchanting Willow Gate Garden.

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