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Spiritual Food

Sharon Sinclair, Poetry Speaker
Schedule Sharon Sinclair, personal empowerment speaker, MeadowLane narrator and artist/author of Water From the Moon and founder of the Precious Gems Poetry Club for your next social gathering.  You will be blessed with the de-stressing gift of musical poetry and inspired by the Power of Prayer.

Feel Good Express with Dede Lyons
3 hugs a day and playing with pets is a recipe for an abundance of good health. Click into the Feel Good Express with Dede Lyons to learn sleep tips, how to turn on your spiritual light and inner voice as well as how to use White Angelica and energy boosters for easy transition and change.

Well-being Strategies
Lori Somekh, Healthy Aging Coach, brings you insight to a balanced life of vibrant health with health tips and strategies, a healthy weight loss e-book and an e-book of empowerment through symptoms of menopause that gets results!

Angel Light Productions
Angel Light Productions presents Spirit Speaks Galleries. The Spirit Speaker members are Sherry B. True and Adele Linsalata.

Spirit Orb Photo Op with Kate Large and Jesse Large
Communicate with orbs using the CD produced by Kathryn Speakes Large.  Discover Orbs in photographs, Spirit Orbs, Spirit Emanations, and fake Orbs at Spirit Orb Photo Op!  You'll see the face of a deceased loved one in an orb as well as the image of Florence Scovel Shinn, Archangel Metatron, and the orb of Jesus.

Betty's Light Within with Betty Sawtelle
Betty's Light Within welcomes you to share the communications from God as dictated to Elizabeth Sawtelle.  Messages from the Holy Spirit are spiritual gifts. You may order your copy of The Light Within to receive your angelic message.

Healing Light Ministry with Ellany 
Healing Light Ministry is an interfaith site for prayer, healing and education with Ellany.  You will discover inspired writings, healing experiences of others, as well as classes and teleconferences with Ellany.

Positive Bliss with Lynette Turner
Positive Bliss with Positivoligist, Lynette Turner, offers Dream Interpretation, Positivity Coaching, Angel Writings, Chakra Clearing/Reiki Treatments, workshops and a B.L.I.S.S. (Believe Life is Something Special) teleclass Lynette is the author of a book filled with blessings:  The 10 Be's of Positivity - 10 Steps to a More Positive Way of Living and the founder of
The Words Across the World Book Project.

Suzanne Mark
Suzanne Mark's services include the releasing of unwanted emotions, thoughts, beliefs and problems in person and by long distance.  Contact Suzanne for the tools to achieve your goals!

With Love and Angel Feathers
Experiences of loss and survival are shared by the loved ones who continue to inhabit Mother Earth in physical form.  You will find support with Love and Angel Feathers from the heart of Irene Felkoff.

Majik Poodle
Poodle Majik is found in this miniature poodle living with his human spirits in Colorado.  He shares his life experiences with nutrition for dogs, spirit orbs, poodle stories of poodle grooming and traveling from the poodle breeder to Colorado.  Click in to learn more...

The Voice of God
Who is the Holy Spirit? If you want to learn meditation, access universal mind, overcome emotional abuse, and hear God's Voice within you, this A Course in Miracles inspired website on how to hear the Voice of God offers guided meditation, meditations with God, meditation techniques, inspirational messages, love quotes, prayer request resources, and information on Joyce Meyer Ministries and Gary Renard.

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