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Web Design, Music & Photography

Black and White Photography Thru my Eyes with Jesse Large
Jesse shares Mother Earth through her eyes in her Black and white photos: night photos, abstract photos, animal photos, and spiritual photos. The shutter of her camera captures what is behind the veil.

Web Designs by Kate
Spiritual Web Designer Kate Large works with spirit to create new spiritual websites, conventional commercial website creation as well as update old websites.  Kate shares web design needs assessment information and her website resource recommendations; she is a web designer of user friendly, marketable websites that fulfill the needs of her clients - you.  Contact Webmaster Kate - your internet presence can be online in as little as fourteen days!

Stacey Parnum
From the essence of Stacey Parnum's breath her magical flute gently caresses the soul igniting spiritual awakening, spiritual healing and moving us to become one with nature.  Gift yourself with Stacey's magical, healing flute melodies.

Mermaid Sea Glass
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